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the-queer-bird-boys-of-marvel asked:

I think we need to be really careful about who we say is lying here, because male victims of sexual assault have a history of being silenced, and you need to make sure you/your company/vidcon don't get reputations like that. We need to also be sure to remember how trauma affects human memories, especially if this person is a younger guy, or it's taken him a long time to speak up. I personally believe we should always give the victim in any situation the Benefit of the doubt. . . .


The person who posted the story also posted a second post that said “LoL! I trolled you! Learn to take a joke, Morans! Tyler’s innocent!” So I think it’s safe to say it was fake. 

Also, the person who posted the Dan and Phil accusation has confirmed that it was fake and she has taken the blog down. 

The whole reason I’m so furious about these fake posts is that they cast doubt on legitimate claims and serious conversations that our misogynistic culture is already predisposed to doubt.

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